Stage 1

Stage 1 tunes are not necessarily the most invasive; they typically include some bolt ons and a tune.  Cobb and Mountune both offer their own version of this in a kit.  Mountune offers a high flow induction kit and their Access Port while COBB offers a high flow filter, COBB AP, and a rear motor mount.  Most enthusiasts agree that the rear motor mount is part of stage 1, however, there is a small minority of owners who have surpassed stage 1 without replacing the rear motor mount.

Stage 1 fiestas typically offer numbers comparable to the package that mountune offers.  With the Mountune MP215 kit described above the Fiesta STs torque curve moves slightly later in the rpms while providing a larger jump in power with 215 hp and 236 ft-lb of torque.  Many owners say this is the perfect balance of performance and reliability as these packages explicitly say they don’t break the factory warranty.