This glossary covers car terminology that shows up consistently when looking for in depth information about the fiesta ST.  Many of these words are used universally and applied to the rest of the car industry.

FiST: Fiesta ST

FoST: Focus ST

FoRS: Focus RS

RMM: Rear Motor Mount

AP: Access Port

Married: Attaching the access port to a car “marries” the two together only allowing them to be used with each other.

DP: Down pipe

FMIC: Fully Mounted InterCooler

Front Spoiler: below the front grill, typically decreases ground clearance

Wheel Hop: The distance the wheel moves when the clutch is engaged causing a disruption in the distribution of weight.

Camber: the angle at which the wheel is attached to the car, typically cars have roughly a degree of negative camber allowing for better cornering.

Meth: Ethanol/e30 blend