Focus vs Fiesta infographic

Most consumers immediately assume that the Focus ST would be the faster car as it is more expensive and it has more horsepower.  In reality the Focus ST suffers from absurd understeer, longer braking distance, and almost identical 0-100 mph times.  While perhaps a better daily driver if you need the space the Focus ST is by no means faster or even equal to a Fiesta ST around a short windy track or for fun in general.

In my personal opinion I would purchase a GTI over a Focus ST any day of the week.  The GTI has roughly the same specs with significantly more impressive handling and 0-60 time that the focus ST cannot compete with.  There’s a reason Continue reading


What to do?

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference but there are certain builds that may be more cost efficient or reliable than others.  Show cars, however, truly are about preference but the route described is the one I would take, along with many other modifications in the future.

The daily driver set up will have a softer ride while still being more attentive than a stock fiesta ST.  The Track car setup is significantly more aggressive and builds upon the daily driver platform.  The track car however Continue reading