Turbo Noises

After installing an aftermarket Blow off Valve and Intake the fiesta is capable of making some significant turbo noises.  Depending on the blow off valve chosen and how it is set up the car can create the classic “pigeon” noise or even the fluttering noise.  The pigeon noise is much louder but the fluttering noise is significantly more unique.

The fluttering sound can actually be a negative thing.  Typically it is indicative of a surge of air coming back into the the turbo and isn’t necessarily healthy for the car.  Luckily for us it is not a massive Continue reading


s2000 vs Fiesta ST

This is an uncommon matchup i would not have expected to make sense, but in reality these cars perform similarly with some distinct differences.  In terms of acceleration on paper the s2000 destroys the Fiesta ST by roughly a second and a half.  In reality when starting from a roll the cars perform evenly.  The turbo in the fiesta gives the car an equivalent amount of torque as an s2000.  Even though the s2000 is a 2 seater it still weighs slightly more than the Fiesta ST due to its 2.4 liter engine.

The main difference between the two cars changes the entire way the car is driven when it comes to track or autocross.  The s2000 has a significantly Continue reading

Golden Gate Lotus Club Autocross

Who’s needs four wheels?

I recently had my first Autocrossing experience and I had the ST to carry me through it.  It was a complete blast; the first time I’ve truly pushed my car to the limit.  I went squealing around the corners, mashed the accelerator at times i really probably shouldn’t have, and I even managed to get the car to understeer into a cone.

The car is actually rather scary to push at first.  The car rolls each direction with such force that it actually concerned me at first.  Luckily i knew it would be impossible for me to roll over so i continued to see just how far I could get that feeling to go.  Autocrossing was an entirely new driving experience for me and it makes it clear that there are many things this car is capable of that cannot be demonstrated on the road.


The Fiesta ST makes a pretty incredible autocross car.  The car places in the H-stock category, however, it is at the very top of its class.  The car is light weight, has a significant amount of power and dances through turns.   Its main competitor is the Golf GTI which had a history of dominating the H-stock class up until the Fiesta ST came out.

Liquid levels need to be checked and the tire air pressure adjusted to the proper level.  Once these are taken care of the car is ready to go, just remember to turn off the traction control.  The one unfortunate aspect of this car for autocrossing is its inability to disable ford’s torque vectoring system.  That being said the system helps more than it hurts; there are very very few drivers who could get more performance out of the car with it off.

Tuning Options

The Fiesta ST has the potential to gain some significant power without modifying the car in any way other than an ecu flash.  These tunes can produce up to 20% wtq depending on the level of aggressiveness and reliability you desire from your tune.  These tunes continue to be extremely efficient as you modify the car, allowing power gains from modifications that may only increase cooling.

One of the best companies in this business currently is Stratified.  Stratified offers tunes through the mail either attached to an access port or Continue reading

The Aftermarket — High Flow Filter

The only power mod within the cobb stage 1 (other than the access port) is a High Flow Drop in Air Filter.  While the part by itself does not produce any horsepower or torque; when accompanied by a tune this turns into a rather cost effective modification.  The tune claims that it can bring up to 3% hp and 15% torque.

These high flow filters can be controversial due to their nature.  It makes consumers question why the stock filter isn’t good enough.  In addition to this if the other filter allows so much more air flow is it letting other debris Continue reading

The Aftermarket — Mudflaps

Most people think installing mudflaps on a front wheel drive car doesn’t make sense.  However, the Fiesta ST is one of the few exceptions to this.  The ST utilizes a somewhat fake torque vectoring system.  Rather than limiting the torque through differentials or engine power the ST cuts power to specific wheels by utilizing the brakes.  This can cause the brakes and gas to be engaged at the same time and causes significant brake dust to build up along the side of the car.  In addition Continue reading