Break In and Early Maintenance

New cars have become increasingly easier to deal with in their break in and first year after.  The Fiesta ST does have a small break in period of 1000 miles.  During these first thousand miles Ford recommends the driver does not lug the engine or put significant stress on the engine.  With these things in mind Ford also asks that the driver varies the RPM and does not use the cruise control during this time.

The break in period is somewhat frustrating as you have this powerful car in front of you but you can’t really use it.  The car still feels rather jolty and nimble but in terms of acceleration it’s simply a tease.  You still feel the turbo pull you forward but you can just sense how much more power is waiting for you to unlock it.  The truly impressive part about new cars is the first oil change doesn’t occur until around 10,000 miles.  The Fiesta has scheduled maintenance at 10 and 20 thousand miles; it almost makes the owner feel uneasy waiting for these milestones.