Front Wheel Drive

Many people have questioned me about my decision to purchase a Fiesta ST.  Many people see the 200 hp and the fwd and instantly write this car off as a budget sports car.  It’s entertaining that people place so much emphasis on the 200 hp and all that i think of is that’s the same amount of hp as a Lotus Elise and as much torque as a Lotus Exige.  The Front Wheel drive isn’t as easily justified and when looked at from a track point of view it hurts the performance incredibly.

Front wheel drive shines in the context of daily driving.  I can make the wheels break traction at any time and have some fun without worrying about losing significant control of the car.  The car can skid off the line all day long and can be thrown into corners with extreme confidence.  Front wheel drive paired with the torque vectoring system keeps the back end following the curves tightly and allows for some extremely nice power slides when desired.