Fiesta ST vs GTI

This is likely the most difficult comparison for the Fiesta ST.  The GTI is an incredibly well balanced, well built fwd somewhat luxurious car.  It proves that cars can be both sporty and comfortable to drive.  It offers more cabin space, 20 more hp, smoother suspension, and a pretty impressive dual clutch transmission.  The GTI may dominate the national autocrosses but in terms of daily driving feel the ST puts up a fight.  When deciding between these two cars it truly comes down to opinion.

The Fiesta ST’s only true advantage over the GTI is weight.  The ST weighs nearly 400 lbs less than the GTI.  This makes the Fiesta ST more nimble, and its smaller size and shorter wheel base give it a better turning radius.  The Fiesta ST has more direct and communicative steering and a better manual gearbox but that’s where the advantages end.  GTIs offer more tech options offering a more relaxing drive, the purchaser just has to decide whether they want to always feel like they’re driving a race car or not.