The Aftermarket – Turbo Options

Replacing the turbo is one of the last things people do it and it truly changes your car into an entirely different beast.  Typically with the Fiesta ST people look at installing larger larger turbos so that they can reach numbers of 350+ whp.

In a straight line these turbos will make a significant difference in performance and sound.  Around corners these larger turbos can be an issue as it becomes easier to drop out of the boost rev range.  If cornering at maximum g-force and the turbo kicks in this can set the car off balance and send the car into a wall.


The Aftermarket – Popular Aesthetics

Fiesta STs are beginning to become a popular SEMA car.  Initially I wasn’t a very big fan of the looks of the ST but it has grown on me over time, and the aftermarket ones look more impressive than ever.  Mods range from as simple as a rear spoiler extension all the way to a wide body kit for the car with extended wheel wells.

Many regular drivers jump instantly for lowering springs or coilovers as well as a front spoiler.  These two modifications can give the car a significantly more aggressive look but also come with the issue of scraping.  The car is already prone to scraping and lowering it further as well as adding something on bottom in the front remove from the daily drivability this car was designed for.

Front Wheel Drive

Many people have questioned me about my decision to purchase a Fiesta ST.  Many people see the 200 hp and the fwd and instantly write this car off as a budget sports car.  It’s entertaining that people place so much emphasis on the 200 hp and all that i think of is that’s the same amount of hp as a Lotus Elise Continue reading