The Aftermarket – Access Ports

One of the first aftermarket purchases for every ST owner is the Access Port.  Access Ports re-tune your car to achieve more horse power and torque over a smoother or steeper curve (depending on the tune).  Each time an additional aftermarket piece is attached the car can be re-tuned appropriately.  Tunes can also be used to increase your mpg during a long road trip or even switch to an e30 ethanol blend of gas.

This leads to the question of which Access Port to choose, Cobb or Mountune?  Both access ports increase the power of the carhowever there are a couple main differences.  Mountune Access Ports can only re-tune the car while at the dealership.  This means no switching to an MPG tune for the road trip and no pushing the limits on what type of tune your car can handle.  Mountune’s AP comes with one significant advantage, maintaining the warranty.  When re-tuning on the fly with the Cobb AP the car keeps a log and the dealership can access this, potentially voiding a warranty.