The Aftermarket – Rear Motor Mount

rear-motor-mountThe Rear Motor Mount is commonly known as the first modification owners should make to their car.  Stock Fiesta STs have some serious issues with their rear motor mounts.  Firstly, under heavy acceleration when shifting the engine can actually knock Continue reading


The Aftermarket – Limited Slip Differentials

Limited Slip Differentials or LSDs can help your car perform better without actually increasing your amount of horsepower, torque, or weight.  LSDs allow the transfer of power from one wheel to the other allowing the car to better regain traction.  This is most noticeable over uneven terrain, with transitions of weight, and with traction around Continue reading

Road trip in the ST!


photoshop-edocThe day after purchasing my Fiesta ST i drove it from The Bay Area in California up to northern Idaho, roughly 1100 miles.  This left me 100 miles at the end of the drive up to enjoy the car outside of break in period. i truly didn’t mind the break in period having been the owner of a <100 hp honda civic it still felt like a speed demon.   Continue reading

The Aftermarket – Coilovers

Coilovers are one of the few modifications that can be made to the Fiesta ST that will improve the cars capabilities without detracting from its daily drivability.  Coilovers give the car a more aggressive stance lowering it up to a couple inches while providing tighter handling.  Coilovers are designed with a dual shock absorbing system.  The outer coil which works like normal springs Continue reading